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Stop wasting time on ineffective features, copy and sales conversations.

Tap the combined customer knowledge of your entire organization and easily create engaging and accurate Personas that work for you, increasing customer satisfaction, sales conversions and stick rates.

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By helping your sales team better understand your best customers, Buyer Personas help your sales team qualify leads and book more sales presentations/meetings, creating healthier pipelines and increased company revenue. Without Buyer Personas to guide their interactions, sales professionals may get lucky sometimes, but will struggle with an effective sales process.

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Your marketing team can you use Buyer Personas to create messages that better resonate in your market, increasing traffic, clicks and conversions and increasing company revenue. Without Buyer Personas, marketers efforts often lack focus and clarity resulting in unclear brand voice.

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Product Development

User or Customer Personas can play a key role in guiding your product development, helping you prioritize development of elements that increase the value of your product or service to your customers, improving stick rates and long term company revenue. Without Personas, the product development process can jump from great idea to great idea, but end up just another solution in search of a problem.

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Here’s what people are saying about buyer personas

You must take time to build personas with enough depth so your team can generate topics that resonate… Share your documented detailed personas with everybody on your [content] team.

Jodi Harris
Director of editorial content and curation/Content Marketing Institute

You can create more personalized experiences by tailoring your messaging and your content delivery for different customer personas.

Shane Barker
Founder and CEO/Content Solutions

The important part about personas is to remember that they are meant to be living documents. As you learn more, update them so they don’t become outdated assumptions, but realistic representations of your users.

Janna Bastow
CEO and Co-Founder/ProdPad

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Tap the combined customer knowledge in your entire organization and easily create engaging and accurate Buyer Personas that work for you, increasing sales conversions and stick rates.